He spreads his grandma’s ashes in the sea – the sees the unthinkable and jumps into the water

It was an extremely windy day in Melbourne, Australia, when Sue Drummond took her dog Bibi out for a walk.

But as Bibi, a relatively small Maltese-Shitzu mix, walked onto the pier, the wind suddenly pushed her into the water.

Sue watch as her beloved, panicked friend slipped away into the water.


But also on the pier that day was a young man – there to spread his grandmother’s ashes into the sea. But as soon as Bibi fell into the water, he immediately knew that he wanted to try to help save Sue’s dog.


He removed his shoes and pants and jumped into the icy waters where Bibi could be seen desperately trying to swim to shore.


He managed to get a hold of the dog and gradually rowed her back to safety.


On the pier stood a very grateful Sue. How fortunate that such a brave gentlemen was present at that exact moment!


The man later also received an award from Animals Australia for his brave and selfless gesture.

Following the dramatic events of that day, Sue and Bibi could go back to their regular happy lives together.


Watch a slideshow of that day’s events below:


Dogs may be man’s best friend, but sometimes the loving pets also need friends to give them a helping hand.

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