Have scratches on your car? Here’s how to easily fix them using WD-40

Having access to a household cure all in moments of crisis is important and every household needs to have a can of WD40 on deck just in case. Let’s take a closer look at the following cleaning hacks, so that you can get the most out of your household supplies.


Did you know that WD40 is magical enough to remove red wine spillage from your carpets with no muss and no fuss? When a more traditional form of carpet cleaner is unable to meet your standards, WD40 can be sprayed onto the offending area and the stain magically fades from view.


A grimy toilet can also be cleaned up with WD40 and if you are looking to pull out the big guns, this cleaner is a great alternative. Pro tip: all you need is a just a little bit.


Are your shower doors totally covered in hard water stains and soap scum? No problem! Spray a little bit of WD40, let it work its magic and wipe the area down.


Winterizing your shoes has never been easier. A light coat of WD40 is the way to go and once you have wiped the shoes down, you’ll notice a major difference in how they react to the weather.


Graffiti is very unsightly and when your property has been vandalized, apply some WD40 to the surface in question and watch the magic take place.


Need to soften your leather shoes and belts? Look no further than WD40 when you need to unstiffen these items.

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