Guilt Free Brownies – This Dessert Will Make You Forget Your Name

Delicious guilt free brownies that won’t ruin your healthy lifestyle! Made with real ingredients!

For a family who loves anything chocolaty, we sure adore brownies a lot. I have about a ton of brownie recipes that I haven’t tried yet, simply because we keep going back to the old recipes. But I still add recipes to my file, hoping that someday, I will get to try them. My husband has been whining a few weeks ago. He kept hinting that he’s craving for brownies, and that maybe his good wife can make him a batch that weekend. He knew I couldn’t say no, but he’s still being a bit dramatic about it.

The truth is, my husband could bake brownies far better than I could. He might not be using his culinary skills lately, but that’s still a fact. He got that from his mother.

I wanted to surprise him with a batch of Guilt Free Brownies when he got home. However, I decided to try something new. Something new meaning not the usual brownie recipes that I make.

I found this amazing chestnut brownies recipe from Bewitching Kitchen. My husband loves chestnuts! And I knew he’s going to go crazy over these brownies.

I was right! He was so surprised that he was staring at the brownies for seconds. I told him he has tears in his eyes, but he wouldn’t admit to it.

My kids loved the brownies too! And I am pretty sure your family will love these brownies too!


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