Woman Reveals Full Recipe Behind Her Salad That Went Viral on TikTok

Greek salad dressing recipe

When we think of salads we have two thoughts. The first is that a salad is supposed to be healthy. After all, many salads are loaded with vegetables. The second thought is that a salad that’s delicious is often not healthy. Just look at the nutrition information on salads at your favorite restaurant. Sometimes it’s actually healthier to go ahead and order a burger.

It turns out that a salad can be healthy and loaded with vegetables but can also be delicious. Leave it to Melissa Ben-Ishay to make this possible.

Most people don’t think of salads when they think of Ben-Ishay, who is best known for making cupcakes. She is the founder of Baked by Melissa, a company in New York City that makes bite-size cupcakes and other sweet treats.

While Ben-Ishay loves to bake, she also loves to cook and chop. She created a salad that she says is so delicious “you’ll want to drink it.” It includes good for you ingredients like cabbage and cucumbers. Even the dressing is healthy with ingredients like olive oil, lemon juice and spinach.

On TikTok, Ben-Ishay decided to share her easy recipe for the salad she literally eats with a tortilla chip. She never expected her salad recipe to go viral, but it did. Check out her viral TikTok below.

That quick video certainly leaves us wanting to know more, and thankfully, she shared details about her salad recipe on TODAY. She explained that she believes “every ingredient should be nourishing, especially in a salad.” Yet, that doesn’t mean the salad can’t taste amazing.

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