Get rid of the blackheads and whiteheads on your nose and face with these 10 tricks

Pimples are nasty no matter how you look at them, and the blackheads and whiteheads that collect around your nose can be absolutely infuriating. Figuring out how to get rid of existing whiteheads and blackheads is bad enough, but once you get rid of them, they insist upon returning.
You don’t have to throw your hands up in defeat. Listed below are 10 simple ways you can help remove and prevent whiteheads and blackheads around your nose naturally. Say goodbye to frustration and hello to a clear face. The first six are Jennifer Chiu’s nose cleaning regimen, which can be seen on YouTube.
1. Steam. Chiu starts the process with a hot towel to open the pores and loosen the dirt.
2. Dr. Hauscha toner. She then applies the toner to her skin to help remove any oil and tighten the skin.
3. Flossers. With two personal flossers, Chiu proceeds to squeeze, scrape and pick as many whiteheads and blackheads off her nose as she can.
4. Bioré pore strips. Chiu uses the deep cleansing pore strips after scraping her nose. She recommends making sure that the strip is really wet in order to get good adhesion to the blackheads still in the pores. After 10 minutes, pull off the strip, removing blackheads that are stuck to it.
5. Mask. Chiu uses BareMineral’s Dirty Detox mask for this step.
6. Tea tree oil. Once she finishes her regime, she dabs diluted tea tree oil on her nose, taking advantage of its antibacterial properties.
7. Baking soda. Exfoliating is also important for preventing blackheads and whiteheads. Reader’s Digest recommends a baking soda paste for both exfoliating and balancing the skin’s pH. Mix 2 tbsp. baking soda and 2 tbsp. water, creating the paste, and then use it to cleanse your skin.
8. Sugar scrub. Another great homemade exfoliant is a sugar scrub. Reader’s Digest uses brown sugar, honey and lemon, but Doctor’s Health Press makes its with regular sugar, honey and lemon. Mix equal parts sugar and honey and a few drops of lemon juice to create this scrub. After using it, wash your face with a regular cleanser to get rid of any stickiness that’s left behind.
9. Tumeric. By mixing tumeric with coconut oil and water, you can create a paste to treat your nose that puts tumeric’s antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to use. Reader’s Digest recommends using Kasturi tumeric, as regular tumeric will stain the skin.
10. Lemon juice. Specific for treating whiteheads, lemon juice helps remove facial oil and exfoliates. Doctor’s Health Press recommends dipping a cotton ball in the lemon juice and dabbing it on your face. Let it sit up to 20 minutes and then wash it off.
No longer do whiteheads and blackheads have to be an embarrassment. You can get rid of what’s there and prevent more from appearing with things that you probably already have around the house. Hello, healthy skin!
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