8 plants you must have in your home to get rid of spiders and other pests

We usually ring in summer with open doors to let in friends, and open windows to catch a breeze. But during these hot months when we quite literally open up our homes, pesky bugs seem to think the invitation is open to them as well.
During the summer, mosquitoes, flies and spiders wander in and often give you a scare. Of course, you can always grab the insect repellent, but do you really want to spray that around the home? When it comes to dealing with sensitive places like the kitchen, for example, you definitely don’t want to be spraying that stuff around.
Instead, bring some harmless garden plants into your home that the insects can’t stand. It’s going to add some color to your space, sometimes provide fresh cooking herbs, and always keep bugs at bay. Check out our list below to see which plants you should keep in the house to keep pests out.
1. Lavender 
Who said pest control had to smell like toxic chemicals? Mother Nature Network says you can repel moths, fleas, flies, and mosquitoes with a fragrant and beautiful lavender plant in your house. It’s a gorgeous plant to have and these pests hate it. So, definitely a win-win.
2. Peppermint
It might smell minty fresh to you, but peppermint is a smell that insects hate. Keep potted peppermint (otherwise, it can become very invasive) in your garden or home to repel unwanted mosquitoes, spiders, and other pests.
3. Lemongrass
You know how you use citronella candles in the summer to keep the bugs away? Well, the citrus smell that comes from these candles is actually from lemongrass. So if you want to keep pests away in your garden or home, plant one of these pretty grasses.
4. Agastache cana (aka mosquito plant)

With tall stems and little purple flowers on the end, the Agastache cana looks similar to a lavender plant from afar. And like lavender, the smell of this plant is something that mosquitos just can’t stand. So if you want to keep these guys out of your garden and away from your patio, this is a great plant to keep around.
5. Basil
This household herb might be great in dishes like pizza and salad, but it’s also going to help deter bugs from your home. The smells and oils that come off of the plant repel pesky bugs. Plus, by keeping it in the house you always have fresh basil to toss in your dishes.
6. Rosemary
If you like cooking with rosemary, this is also an awesome plant to keep around the house. Not only will you always have fresh sprigs around to toss in meals or pretty cocktails, you’ll keep bugs at bay.
7. Lemon balm

Like the citronella plant, Country Living says the lemon balm’s citrus smell keeps bugs away. But, similar to the mint plant, if you decide to plant it in your garden you should always keep it in a pot so it doesn’t spread. Lemon balm is also awesome in tea, by the way!
8. Marigolds
These gorgeous flowering plants will look so pretty potted in your home or out in the garden. Naturally, though, they’re also an insect repellent. They contain the chemical pyrethrum, which we actually use widely today in insect repellents.

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