German Dish: Scrumptious Spaetzle And Cheese



  • 2 cups flour
  •  2 eggs
  •  1 teaspoon salt
  •  1/2 cup of milk
  •  2 tablespoons butter
  •  1 pinch nutmeg
  •  1 white onion


  • 1 cup whole milk
  •  1 1/2 tablespoons flour
  •  2 cups shredded Monterey jack cheese
  •  1/4 teaspoon salt
  •  1/4 garlic salt


  1. Boil about a gallon of water in a large pot on high heat.
  2.  Combine flour, eggs, salt, milk, butter, and nutmeg in a large freezer bag. Knead together ingredients while they are in the bag until dough forms.
  3.  Cut a corner off of the bottom of your freezer bag so that there is a very tiny hole the thickness of your noodles.
  4.  When your water begins to boil, squeeze strands of dough through the hole in your bag so that they are about 1 1/2-inches long.
  5.  Repeat step 4 until all of your dough is in the boiling water. Boil noodles for two minutes.
  6.  Prepare cheese sauce by heating up 1 cup of whole milk in a saucepan on medium heat.
  7.  Whisk in 1 1/2 tablespoons of flour when milk begins to steam. Continue whisking for 3 minutes.
  8.  Add in cheese, salt, and garlic salt to your saucepan. Stir together and remove from heat.
  9.  Strain your boiled spaetzle in a colander.
  10.  Transfer spaetzle to a medium pan and saute your in butter on medium heat until the noodles begin to brown.
  11.  Chop your onion and sear in a separate pan in olive oil on medium heat until onion becomes crispy.
  12.  Add cheese sauce into your pan of spaetzle. Cook on low heat for 1 minute.
  13.  Top with crispy onions.

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