Genius 1-ingredient solution can remove hard water stains in minutes

If you are dealing with hard water stains that are making your sink look unsightly, the time has come for you to try this very simple solution. Crouton Crackerjacks discovered the trick and they have gracefully passed it on. All it takes are very simple ingredients to restore your sink to its former glory.

White distilled vinegar is the magical ingredient that makes it all come together and you’ll also need a rag to go with the sponge and bowl that you are going to use in the cleaning process. To get started, pour the vinegar into a bowl and be sure to fully submerge your rag.

Once the rag has been fully submerged, it is time to wrap the damp rag around the base of the faucet that is full of stains. You can wrap the rag around any area that has hard water stains as well. The rag will need to remain in place for an hour in order for you to receive optimal results.

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