3-Year-Old Boy Who Survived in the Woods for 2 Freezing Nights Says That a Friendly Bear Kept Him Safe

Friendly bear keeps boy safe.

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Just last week, we gave you a (much-needed) dose of good news: 3-year-old, Casey Hathaway had been found safe after having been missing for two nights from his grandmother’s home in North Carolina. It’s quite the heartwarming tale, but in case you missed news of the frantic search–and subsequent happy ending–here’s it in a nutshell…

On Tuesday, January 22nd, 3-year-old Casey wandered away from his grandmother’s backyard in the town of Ernul. Apparently, the little guy was playing in the yard with two other children, but the tot disappeared at some point into a wooded area behind her residence. When his grandma noticed that he was nowhere to be seen, she contacted the police, a call which commenced a two-night search throughout the surrounding areas.

Amazingly, a team of rescue workers were actually able to find the boy after he had spent two nights in a tangle of thorny bushes. Despite the temperatures dipping below freezing, Casey was still in good health when he was found.

Now that Casey has had some time to settle back into his routine and re-gain his strength, his family is now revealing more about what the boy went through during those days alone.

According to Casey’s aunt Breana Hathaway, the tot is claiming that he managed to make a good friend while in the woods–and, no, this was not a human. Believe it or not, the little boy is telling all of his relieved family that he “hung out with a bear for two days.” Here’s what the proud relative wrote on Facebook:

“Casey is healthy, smiling, and talking. He said he hung out with a bear for two days God sent him a friend to keep him safe. God is good God. Miracles do happen”

Annnnnd, it doesn’t get any more adorable than that, folks! We don’t know what to make of the whole bear situation, but a part of us would like to believe that a friendly bear actually did help see Casey through his scary time alone in the woods. You never know!

We’d love to hear your take on this incredible story of survival. Are you surprised that Casey has lived to tell his tale? Do you believe his story? Have you ever encountered a friendly bear before?

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