Do Your Feet Look Like Any of These? That Means You Have THIS Type of Personality

#1 Feet Reading

Palm reading is extremely popular, but reading someones foot can be just as successful in determining their personality and future.

#2 Roman Foot

Most common foot of all, the Roman shape means you’re social, love people and trying new things. They’re always the center of attention, and love success.

#3 Square Foot

The square foot aka “peasant foot” is generally attached to a calm and calculated person. They’re not very flashy, but very reliable and consistent.

#4 Greek Foot

Greek foot has a toe peak, and belongs to an enthusiastic and optimistic person.

#5 Elongated Foot

If your toes are much smaller because of your elongated foot, you are great at keeping secrets. You are very impulsive at times, and have mood swings.

#6 Separate Toe

You love change and a challenge if you are able to separate your little toe from the rest. Routines are the enemy, as you are easily bored by them! You love adventure and always want each day to be something new!

#7 Can’t Separate Toe

Security and structure are your best friends, as you feel unsafe when you don’t have a routine.


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