Fake Rice Is Sold Everywhere! Recognize the Fake and Real Rice

There exist many rumors that the rice we eat is fake. In Asia was a proof that mass production of the rice is fake rice and after the investigation, people still were in disbelief.

So, read more below and cautious with the buying.

The fake rice is from China and after this was also seen in India and Vietnam, but Europe and Indonesia too. In USA is not so much sold yet, but it can be found. People notice strange food items even from known brands and companies. The fake rice can look the same as real one and you can hardly make the difference. Also, fake rice immediately upsets the belly.

This rice causes real health damages and we must recognize it. First, try to avoid rice on daily basis. The fake rice has residue of potatoes in it and chemicals even, and sadly this rice is found in famous markets.

In Malaysia this is not the case since there every food item is closely controlled and fake rice cannot be found! But, small shops and small markets still sell it worldwide.

How to differentiate fake and real rice?

There is not much you can do on first glimpse. First, try to boil the rice. The fake has the same shape after the boiling, and real changes form. Also, fake rice will feel like plastic and hard matter in the hand after cooking and there would be plastic-like smell if the rice is fake.

Source: www.organichealthuniverse.com

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