Expert DIYer uses Sugru in ways I never expected. Here are 10 nifty ideas

Sugru is a silicone modern miracle that creates endless possibilities. Seriously, though, this moldable glue straight up CHANGES lives after turning into a strong rubber

Here are 10 ways Sugru can make your home a better place.

Never Lose Stuff Again

Little pieces can be easy to lose, like that little adapter for your laptop power cord, but not with Sugru. This hack uses Sugru to attach LEGO pieces to two items so the LEGO pieces can be clipped together and never get lost.


Make USB Chargers Work For You

If you have a USB port inconveniently in the back of your computer or TV, you can plug in an extension cable and use Sugru to affix it to the side of your screen for better access. You can also use Sugru to create a plug hub that holds different cords together neatly.


Freerange Device Holder

Why buy a mount or holder for your electronic device when you can make one with Sugru? Turn your iPad and some Sugru into your new kitchen TV.


Bumper Your Gadgets

Add some Sugru to the corners of your cellphone to keep it safe during falls. You can do the same with your laptop or camera.


Repair Worn Handles

Handles, like the ones your outdoor faucets, can get worn out and lose their grip over time with heavy usage. Just add some Sugru to refresh the handles and get back your grip.

Source: Inhabitat

Renew Worn Appliance Lettering

You can bring back the engraved lettering on old appliances by rubbing Sugru into the indentations and wiping off the excess.


Refill Travel Size Bottles

Once you get a travel size bottle, you just never want to let that adorable little thing go. So tiny, so compact. You can reuse them if you have some Sugru. Use Sugru to prevent spilling when transferring toothpaste or conditioner from a regular-sized bottle to a travel size bottle.


Fix Laptop Casing

Has the casing on your laptop taken a beating? Use some Sugru to keep it together.


Make Your Shoes More Comfortable


If your shoes don’t fit quite right or leave blisters, you can use some Sugru to make them more comfortable.

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