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  1. Car seat headrest

Your car headrest does not only exist to rest your head when driving. In emergency situations, you can remove your headrest and use it to shatter your window if that’s the only way to exit your car.

We use everyday objects so often that we never ask ourselves if these objects have a second purpose or can be used in completely different ways. If you have a curious mind and a thirst for knowledge, read below to find out the real purpose of these 25 objects you use almost every single day!

2. Hole in Chupa lollipops


Fan of sweets, especially Chupa lollipops? If you’re addicted to these sugar-filled treats you probably have noticed a small hole on the plastic stick when you finish your lollipop. No, this hole is not meant to be your new musical instrument. The hole is actually there to prevent you from choking since the candy can’t be easily dislodged from the stick with this hole.

3.Pom pom hats


Pom pom hats are cute and worn by children as well as adults. But where do they come from? What is their real purpose? French marines used to wear them when the boat would be rocking because the pom pom would act as a head protector and they wouldn’t hit their heads on the doorways.

4. 57 on the Heinz Ketchup bottle


Bottled Ketchup bottles look pretty and retro but they are actually a pain in the butt. Getting Ketchup out of this glass bottle is a difficult task…until now. The #57 is actually there to help you get your precious Ketchup. Put the bottle upside down, place it at a 45-degree angle and tap (hard) #57 for a generous flow of your favourite condiment.

5. Lids for take out cups


Lids on take out cups are not only meant to protect your fast food drinks from spilling everywhere in your car! These lids are also used for good table etiquette. Once you get home, you can take off the lid and place it under your cup. The three ridges on the lid are there to secure your cup in place. No more water rings on your wood table!

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