If You Bathe in an Epsom Salt Bath, The Unexpected Effect Will Surprise You

Benefits of an Epsom Salt Bath.

Next time you decide to take a nice relaxing bath, don’t go in search of your favorite body wash, or bath bomb. Instead, grab a bag of Epsom salt, and do much more than just relaxing. Using Epsom salt in your bath is probably the easiest, most enjoyable, and quickest way to bring your entire body to optimize health. And, it also helps that Epsom salt is an inexpensive ingredient, and easily accessible, as it’s sold at pharmacies, grocery stores, and natural food stores everywhere.


Epsom salt is a magnesium sulfate. When soaked in water the magnesium sulfate is released and enters your body through your skin. People more commonly use it to relieve muscle aches and pains. The healthy levels of magnesium help reduce overall body inflammation. But, aside from this benefit, there are many others that will leave you feeling completely renewed, inside and out.


1. Boosts Magnesium Levels

Good levels of magnesium in the body are key to good health, and many people have a magnesium deficiency. This type of deficiency is known as hypomagnesemia. It can be caused by alcoholism, severe diarrhea, malnutrition or high levels of calcium (hypercalcemia). By soaking your feet or entire body in a bath containing Epsom salt, your internal levels of magnesium can be increased naturally without the need to take magnesium supplements.

2. Reduces Stress

When people start talking about relaxation, you usually associate it with a nice soothing bath. But no other bath will reduce your stress more than an Epsom salt bath. Add a cup or two, to your bath water. The magnesium in the Epsom salt help relax your muscles, and also helps in relaxing your mind.

3. Eliminates Toxins

The sulfates in Epsom salt help the body flush out toxins and remove heavy metals from the body’s cells. Overall, this decreases the internal accumulation of harmful substances. Because the human skin is highly porous, adding minerals like magnesium and sulfate to your bathwater triggers a process called reverse osmosis. This pulls out the salt and harmful toxins from your body.

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