What Happens to Your Body 24 Hours After Eating Roasted Garlic?

1st Hour – Ladies and gentlemen, in the first hour, the garlic is digested in the stomach and becomes food for the body.
2 – 4 Hours – The garlic helps your body to fight free radicals and existing cancer cells in your body.
4 – 6 Hours – The metabolism of the body is starting to see the benefits of garlic and activates the process of removing excess fluids and burning stored body fat.
6 – 7 Hours – The anti-bacterial properties of garlic, after traveling into the bloodstream, are starting to perform their process against the bacteria in the body.
6 – 10 Hours – During this period, the nutrients have already played a major role on cellular level, and the garlic will protect your body against oxidation.
10 – 24 Hours – After digesting (in the first hour), the garlic in your body begins the process of deep cleaning, including the following processes:


  • Garlic will help you regulate your cholesterol levels
  • It will also cleanse your arteries and protect the body from cardiovascular problems
  • Garlic also lowers and improves the blood pressure levels
  • Did you know that garlic increases the natural defenses of the body and strengthens the immune system?
  • Garlic helps prevent the heavy metals from entering your body
  • Garlic will also help you improve bone strength
  • Due to its high nutritional content, the garlic helps you to eliminate fatigue
  • It improves athletic performance
  • It helps you to improve the longevity of cells

Source: healthylivingdoctor365.com