Super Easy Crock Pot Roast and Gravy

Simple and Easy Roast that has become a family favorite. Goes great with a side of mashed potatoes or over rice!

When I was a kid, Mom knew that my most favorite thing in the world that she made was her roast beef and gravy recipe. It’s the most tender beef I have ever tasted. When you take a bite of the beef, it’s so soft and succulent at the same time. The beef surely melted in my mouth, and along with the savory gravy, that’s like beging sent to food heaven. Mom also made the best mashed potatoes to go with the roast beef and gravy, and that has always blew me away. My aunts and my friends have their own version of roast beef and gravy, but for me, nothing could be compared to my mom’s recipe. Of course, I can say that I am a bit biased, but then again, who isn’t when it comes to their moms?

Last time I was on the phone with her, I asked her when I could visit or when she and Dad could visit. She told me it would be a problem on their part because dad is suffering from another gout attack. So I told them I would visit them within the month. She asked me what I would like her to prepare for dinner since she knew I will most likely arrive during dinner. I didn’t even hesitate. I told her I want to eat her roast beef and gravy. Mom just laughed. She knew me so well. After all, I am her only daughter.


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