Don’t toss your old tea bags. Expert gardener shares 11 reasons why you should plant them instead

but did you know there are numerous benefits derived from giving your tea bags back to Mother Nature?

Here are 11 reasons you should plant your tea bags instead of throwing them in the garbage.

Add nutrients to your soil

When you bury a tea bag the leaves will decompose and release tannic acid and nutrients into the soil which serve as a natural fertilizer.


Prevent waste

Why contribute to giant landfill piles when you could bury your tea bag or toss it in your compost bin? Tea bags are made from manila hemp, which his made from abaca leaf stalks, so they will break down and disappear within six months.

Pest repellant

Tossing a tea bag in your garden or under the soil will deter bugs from munching on your flowers and vegetables. They hate the smell!

Prevent cats from peeing on your plants

Sprinkle your tea grounds in your garden to prevent your cat from urinating on your indoor or outdoor plants.

Grow plants

You can germinate seeds with a tea bag, plastic tray, and a paper towel, then plant it in your garden.


Speed up the decomposition process

Tossing a tea bag in your soil or compost pile will help the other items in your compost bin decompose faster.

Worm food

Worms will eat your tea leaves and the poop they leave behind will make your soil healthier.

Help plants retain water

You can bury your tea bags near the root of your plants, flowers, and vegetables to help them retain water and grow healthier.

Prevent weeds

Planting tea bag in your soil will fend off weeds.

Help indoor plants grow

Your houseplants prefer acidic soil. Opening a tea bag and putting it into the soil of your houseplants will lower the pH level of the soil and provide them with extra nutrients and minerals.

Rose food

Roses respond especially well when they get to eat tea leaves. Plant some in the same soil you’re planting your roses in.

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