Dog’s found covered in tar, makes stunning recovery after rescuers shower him with love

They’d like to think it was an unfortunate accident and not some sadistic act, but rescuers from Zoonosis Lanus may never how a dog they named Petro (which means petrol in Spanish) came to be covered from head to tail in tar.


Two young men spotted the dog walking down a street in Lanus, Argentina covered in the thick black goo. With the help of some local police officers, the Petro was transported to a veterinary clinic who called in Zoonosis Lanus for some extra help.


Petro seemed like a hopeless case since every inch of his fur was coated with fur, but the kindhearted rescue team worked patiently to get him clean and healthy.


It was the first time any of the hospital or rescue workers had worked on a tar-covered dog before, but they raised their hands for the job anyway. At times they weren’t even sure if the products they were using were even working, but they continued nonetheless.


They were determined to save his life and after five hours of loosening and scrubbing away the thick sticky stuff, they were able to save the dog from the tar which could have taken his life.

The poor little guy looks so sad and scared.


By the end of the day, Petro was close to feeling like his former self but with a new name that his rescuers had given him.


He still needed to be cleaned a few more times in the following days, but he was free from his nasty tar coat. His fur still has a few stains from the ordeal, but Petro is feeling much better.


“Each day he’s better and happier,” rescuer Myriam Otellado said on Facebook.

And you can see that on his face in these photos!


The story of poor little Petro’s plight has since gone viral with media outlets from Argentina to America picking up the story. Petro is still resting up after the ordeal but once he recovers from the trauma he’ll be as good as new and ready to be adopted into a forever home.

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Source: The Dodo

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