Dog Kept On An Extremely Tight Leash Needs Your Help!

This Dog needs your help, would you help him; he is kept on a extremely tight dog leash basically hanging on it?

Somewhere in the neighborhood of Elimiano Zapta, Teloapan, Mexico; a dog is being tortured 24/7, kept on extremely tight dog leash.

Fortunately, someone spotted the dog and tried to reason with his owners to convince them to have some mercy on the poor dog, but all of his attempts failed.

The owner claimed that the dog is “doing fine”; and that there is no need for any changes in his welfare.

Well, the photos say otherwise!

dog leash

The man decided to take photos of the dog and take the matter to the internet in hopes of finding a solution to save the dog.

The Cruel owners are keeping the poor dog on an extremely tight leash all day long, he is left to be strangled by it if he ever thinks of moving, or even sitting down!

It’s very clear that the dog is in a world of pain; no creature should be ever forced to live like this!

This is abuse, why can’t they see that?

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We don’t know what are the specific circumstances that prevented the man from going to the police right away in this city; but what we know is that this dog clearly needs help!

So, let’s do what we can do and help spread the word to gain the authorities’ attention; so they can intervene and rescue the poor dog before he is strangled to death by the leash!

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