Do you, or someone you know, still drink this? 6 Reasons Mountain Dew Is Terrible for You and Should Never Be Drunk Again

Human history has witnessed many wars, disease breakouts, epidemics, hunger and poverty. All of these have destroyed millions of lives and we all loathe them. However, all of these are not addictive. On the other hand, there are colored sugary drinks known as Mountain Dew and millions of people consume them daily. The formula for this drink was invented by Ally and Barney Hartman of Tennessee in 1940. However, it went through some minor changes by Bill Bridgforth in 1958 and the rights for it were bought by the Tip Corporation of Marion.


It was at this corporation where they revamped the drink completely and made this version of Mountain Dew which is what we all drink nowadays. In the 1960s, they sold the rights to Pepsi-Cola and they became the owners of this “Green Monster”.

Nowadays, mountain Dew is very popular in certain regions and it is almost like following a cult. One example of this is the Appalachian Mountains. Another thing we have all heard about and which is very frequent in this region is the Mountain Dew Mouth.

Central Appalachia has the highest number of toothless people in the country. This drink is causing so much harm throughout the world and nobody is doing anything about it and just continue to drink it.

1. It is more acidic than you suppose!

We have always been told to avoid batteries since they are acidic. However, one battery has an acidity of pH 1, Pepsi and Coke pH 2, 5, while Mountain Dew has an acidity of pH3. It is mind blowing, isn’t it?

These statistics come from the National Institute of Health and the National Library of Medicine.

2. It can be destructive for the Reproductive System

There have been certain rumors that Mountain Dew has been reducing the manhood and you must have heard them. They may be just rumors, but the impact is not completely unrelated. The cans and the bottles in which these sugary drinks are stored influence your hormones. The lining of the plastic bottles and cans contain BPA, whose role is to protect the can from being destroyed by the acid which is in the drink. It was found out that this compound directly impacts the fertility rate. It can also cause:

– Cancer to the reproductive system
– Heart disease
– It can change the beta cells in the pancreas
– It can cause thyroid dysfunction

3. Deceptive Advertising

Behind every profitable product is a great catchy marketing phrase which prompts people to purchase it. That of Mountain Dew is that it is “Game Fuel”.

Thousands of gamers worldwide are spending their entire day playing their video games and at the same time drinking Mountain Dew. There is a report that some gamers spend 12 hours a day drinking sodas nonstop.

4. Pepsi Admitted This

It is easier to think that all of this is just a joke. However, even Pepsi admitted this. In 2012, Ronald Ball found something which was jelly like in his Mountain Dew. He emptied the content and discovered something that resembled a dissolving mouse. He started a lawsuit against Pepsi Co and gave that evidence. The company’s response was that the mouse had dissolved in the bottling- consumption period, and turned into jelly-like thing.

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5. Use of Genetically Modified Products

Mountain Dew has the following ingredients:

  • GMO soy and corn
  • Sodium benzoate
  • BVO (which is banned in Japan and EU)
  • BPA
  • Yellow dye (which is produced from coal tar)

When combined, these ingredients make the perfect cocktail for body destruction. The company states that all of the ingredients are FDA approved and safe for use. However, the same people who set and monitor these guidelines once worked at these corporations.

6. Long Term Effects of Mountain Dew

Most of us are aware that Mountain Dew is a silent killer. It does not kill us directly but builds diseases like cancer and obesity over time thus causing death. Mountain Dew is a mixture of harmful chemical and it never should have left the lab.

How to Stop the Treat?

You can’t fight corporations, but you can stop drinking it. By drinking it, all you are doing is damaging your health.