DIY Mold Removal

DIY Mold Removal

Fed up of mold coming back time and time again? Fed up of using expensive products that just don’t seem to work? This doesn’t mean you have to call out a mold remediation company to deal with it. You can use home remedies that don’t just get rid of the current growth but will remove the spores to stop them coming back.

Here are the top home remedies for mold removal. They smell great and are extremely affordable to use.

Get the Vinegar Out

One of the best treatments is vinegar. This will clean up the current spores and kill off any others that are lingering in the walls or in your furniture. The vinegar gets deep into the layers of any material and is also effective on fabric and carpets by getting deep into the fibers.

There can be a strong smell to distilled or white vinegar. You can add some lemon juice or tea tree oil to it if you’d like. Both of these are other effective home remedies to get rid of mold.

Another option is to use apple cider vinegar. This type of vinegar has antibacterial properties, meaning that it removes any other growths that could form in the area.

The downside to using vinegar on fabric is that it will bleach it. Vinegar can also damage the materials, so they don’t last as long as they should.

Pull Out the Tea Tree Oil

As mentioned, tea tree oil is an excellent option for DIY mold removal. It can be used on its own, directly onto the mold patches. It doesn’t matter if your material is solid or fabric, the essential oil will get deep into fibers and particles.

Tea tree oil is full of antifungal properties. While removing the spores that you can see, it will kill off every spore within the area. It can prevent new fungal patches showing up, leading to new problems.

You can apply a little tea tree oil to your skirting boards, along your windowsills and around your bath and sinks. The oil will help to prevent future spores from forming. Do this once a month or so to get the best results.


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