DIY Build-In Daybed With Bookshelves

Our son’s room was low on storage and needed some serious help – so we gave it a major makeover and we love the end result!

– To build the bed we started off with two large plywood boxes on either side of the room that would hold the bookcases. We wanted them to go all the way to the ceiling, so the bookcases are perfectly measured so that the bookcases will sit on top of them with no overhang and they will raise the bookcases exactly to the ceiling line.

– Then, we built three m-shaped supports for the bed and attached them to a back support board using our Kreg Jig and attached all of that to the wall as seen above.

– Once the base of the bed was built, we added a second support in the middle and faced it using 1/2″ plywood. This front section would eventually hold the baskets in the front nooks of the bed.

(see more details on this process and how we planned it on the full blog post)


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