15-yr-old’s shop class table stuns DIYers around the world — look closer and you’ll see why

A scarf, an ashtray, and a birdhouse-those are just three of the things I made my parents for Christmas and birthdays in arts and crafts classes growing up. But vocational classes can be a whole more creative if you think big.

Just ask this 15-year-old kid. When he signed up for a woodworking class in school, he decided to think outside the box… and build a table that would stand out from the crowd.

The result is brilliant and when the 15-year-old posted pictures of how he made it on Imgur, he was bombarded with tributes by impressed DIYers.

This really shows that when you put your imagination and creativity into a project, the possibilities are endless. Scroll down to see the project take shape!

1. It all starts with a simple wooden frame.

2. Then, he adds an inner frame.

3. You can’t have a table without legs.

4. The main parts are together, but the table is about to go through a transformation.

5. A natural stain really brings out the grain.

6. Now, it’s time to install the wiring. Here’s where things take a turn…



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