Ding Dong Cake

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This is a FUN recipe! I have made it as a cake and as cupcakes. For the cake version, I agree that you should make it in layers, rather than putting all the filling into the center. As cupcakes, I used a pastry bag with a large tip, inserted it into the top of each cupcake and filled until I saw the top of the cupcake rise. I dipped the top of each cupcake into the glaze and let set before adding the white swirl. I got 21 cupcakes, filling each 3/4 full and cooking for 18 minutes. These are better made the day before. Also, you really need to whip the filling mixture to incorporate all the ingredients well.

The flavor of this cake was very good, but I guess I’m not a bit “Ding Dong” fan….I thought there was too much cream filling in one place. I made this again but as a 3-layer torte with half the cream between each layer and covered with the chocolate glaze. As a torte — it was one of the BEST cakes I’ve ever made. The comments were “which bakery did you get this from?” — I love refrigerated chocolate cake and this one is AWESOME!

Loved it! Made it twice in one week! Just a few helpful hints that I feel were left out of the recipe. 1st, the recipe doesn’t clarify which kind of choc. chips. Don’t use milk chocolate, use semi-sweet. the milk chocolate never really dried they just stayed shiney, sticky and were too sweet. 2nd in the instructions where it says to whip the white center for four minutes, I think it should be more like 8-10, that’s how long it took for mine to get really fluffy.

Well, I made this cake just yesterday. I just couldn’t do the cutting and scooping out the cake. So I spooned the filling into a decorator’s bag and pipped the filling into the cake. I made several holes on top of the cake (I had flipped the cake upside down on a cake plate). Please use the tip that is the most narrow, as you do not want big holes at the top of the cake. I must of had about 25 small holes from the nozzle of the bag, placing just enough filling, making the cake rise a tad. I was able to use all the filling into the cake. I then went and let the cake set while I did the frosting. For the frosting, I put more of the chocolate chips in then what I orginally posted the recipe at, most likely about 1/2 cup more. This cake is a must for the frig it seems to be more abundance with flavor when it sets for about 2-3 hours. I hope this helps someone. Try using cupcakes! and dip them in the frosting, let cool on tray.

This cake was a delicious one in deed. However i have to agree that having all the cream in the centre is a little too much. As stated in some reviews that it was not as dry as the real ding dong. It is because you didn’t bake it long enough. Made two batches and one was left in the oven for 15mins longer than the other and this is where i found one was dryier than the other. Also i think next time i make this i think i will make it into a jelly roll that you can get from the stores and it tastes like the ding dongs too. over all i think it is best when the cake sits in the refidgerator for at least 12 hours before you eat it. Way better when you wait for it. Thanks for the recipe…it is a definate keeper!

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