Inside: Have your granite countertops lost their shine? Check out how to deep clean granite countertops to bring back the original shine and beauty of your granite countertops. You will love how they look afterward! 

Granite is beautiful and fairly easy to take care of. However, sometimes over the years it can lose its shine and start to look dull and dirty. If you want to keep your granite looking great check out how to deep clean granite countertops. It doesn’t take long and will leave them looking like new again.

To start, make sure you don’t have any food or drink dried on the granite. It is easy not to see the stuck on food sometimes because of all the colors and patterns in the granite. I have noticed I tend to get the stuck on food around the stove when I am cooking. You can easily find any spots by running your hands over the granite to feel for rough spots. If you do have stuck on food just take a damp microfiber cloth and let it sit on the spot for a few minutes. Then it should easily wipe away.

Next, you will want to get rid of any water stains on your granite. Water stains tend to gather around faucets making the granite look dull. Get rid of those water stains on granite to make it look fresh and new again. I like to use bar keepers friend to get rid of water stains. After testing the granite add a bit of bar keepers friend to a microfiber cloth and lightly rub for about 20 seconds. This should get rid of the watermarks.


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