Dad’s Epic Time Lapse Meal Planning Video is Mesmerizing Parents Everywhere

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Do you struggle with eating healthy meals every day? Do you find yourself getting takeout more often than cooking because you don’t think you have the time to prepare a nutritious meal? Honestly, getting a healthy meal on the table every day is hard work—who can actually accomplish that?

Apparently it’s not that hard for one single busy dad, who goes by the Reddit name “mrabird.” This man is about to show you up (and amaze you at the same time) with his incredible meal prep skills.

This super dad sets aside one day a week to create all his and his children’s lunches, and one day he decided to film it.

He posted the time lapse video of himself preparing a three days worth of lunches (plus an “extracurricular meal”) for himself and his kids—and people can’t get enough of it.

Here’s the list of lunches he prepped in order of appearance of the video:

  1. Chicken wraps with guacamole and alfalfa sprouts
  2. Chicken wraps with mayo, Dijon mustard, red peppers, alfalfa sprouts
  3. Chicken salad, pickles, and mayo with curry powder
  4. Chicken legs with carrots and broccoli and hummus
  5. Taco bowl featuring ground beef, black beans, red yellow and orange peppers, salsa, and taco seasoning
  6. Chicken with guacamole, broccoli and hummus

He made sure to pack each meal with assorted snacks such as a nut bar, yogurt, green apples, almonds, a V8 drink, and assorted vitamins and supplements.

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There are tons of benefits to meal prepping the way this dad did. First, it saves a ton of time of during the week. Sure, you’re spending a few hours one day getting all the food ready, but that’s just one day out of the entire week—then you don’t have to worry about lunch at all for days after!

Additionally, every single meal this man made is totally healthy and nutritious. You know exactly what goes into your meals when you meal prep—and he always makes sure to have a good ratio of protein, veggies, healthy fats, and carbs. Even the snacks are all natural and healthy as well!

Dad also saves a ton of money by preparing his meals in this way. In the Reddit thread, he noted that two Rotisserie chickens cost him $16, but that made six wraps, two sandwiches, two drumstick meals—and then he even saves the chicken carcass to make bone broth. Talk about efficient!

So many people have questions—mostly moms, who swarmed the comment thread asking everything from how long certain items last in the fridge, if he has a rotating menu, how long it takes him to prep each week…no one could believe a single dad could be so efficient with meal prepping and planning.

“Wow, it’s always great to see a dad absolutely nail it!” one mom wrote.

“You’re a superhero dad! Seriously you’re goals as a parent!” another commenter praised him.

And then our personal favorite comment: “This was the sexiest thing I’ve seen in days.” Yes, we agree.

You can check out the video and Reddit threat here.

Can you believe how efficient this dad is? Have you ever tried meal prepping before? What are your favorite go-to meal prep recipes?

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