Dad Comes Home To A Crying Baby, So He Grabs A Rag. Moments Later, Mom Looks At Her Baby’s Ankles. What She Sees Has Her Calling For Help

One look at her baby’s ankles left the mom screaming in agony.

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A father in Tennessee has been arrested after he allegedly stuck a rag inside of his infant’s mouth before completely taping it shut.

According to The Leaf-Chronicle, 46-year-old Cornelio Hunt, of Clarksville, was charged with felony child abuse and neglect and domestic assault.

An arrest warrant shows that Hunt’s wife, Jennilyn Hunt, told police that between the hours of 2 a.m. and 3 a.m. on February 16, her husband arrived home from work and instantly became extremely upset that their baby was awake and crying.

Without a moment of hesitation, Hunt allegedly walked right over to the crying baby and started hitting his legs.

Hunt then allegedly put a rag in the baby’s mouth and put tape over the rag to secure it, according to his wife.

Hunt’s wife told police that she begged her husband to let her take the baby into another room to calm him down, but he refused.

Instead, Hunt reportedly picked the baby boy up by his ankles and began carrying him around the house.

According to the arrest warrant, Cornelio Hunt threatened to “whip her like he was whipping the baby” if she tried to intervene in the attack on their infant.

The warrant states that Hunt’s wife continuously screamed for him to stop hurting the baby boy.

Finally, when it seemed safe to leave, Hunt’s wife grabbed the baby and ran from the home to get help.

According to The Leaf-Chronicle, the baby was then taken to Tennova Healthcare and then sent to Our Kids to be examined by medical professionals.

Hunt was reportedly arrested on February 17.

The Leaf-Chronicle shared the horrific story of abuse on Facebook, where many people in the area praised the mother for acting when she did.

“Can i just say good job by the mom? At least she did something instead of allowing him to hurt her child and making excuses for him like we see too often nowadays. If you’re reading this, stay strong!! You can do this,” one woman commented.

“Poor baby. I pray he didn’t suffer any injuries. I’m proud of his wife for turning him in and getting out of there! I would never trust him again around my son if I were her,” another added.

“I hope the mother keeps this baby away from its father! I don’t care if he was having a bad day or any other excuse someone might come up with! Some people shouldn’t be blessed with children!!! That poor baby…,” another person wrote on the page.

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