How to create a designer garden without paying the price: 8 tips from an experienced gardener

How hard can it be to take charge of your own landscaping adventures?

Let’s be honest – we’ve all dreamed of having the perfect garden, but we’ve also all shuddered at the thought of forking over our hard-earned cash so the fairy-god designer can wave their magical shovel around our yard. How hard can it be to take charge of your own landscaping adventures?

Turns out, not hard at all. Here are some tips and tricks on how to make the garden of your dreams without breaking the bank.

1. Hanging Plants

If it can be planted, it can be hung. Hanging baskets are an easy way to make your garden look much fuller and more carefully designed. Make sure you find a secure place to hang your baskets and pay close attention to your plants, as they are at a higher risk for drying out.

2. Wall Art

A few pieces of well-placed, simple wall art can really change the dynamic of a space, especially when using mirrors. Mirror art will add more light and reflect the colors of your blooming garden.


3. Don’t Resist the Seasons

You might have an idea about what you want your garden to look like all throughout the year, but the harsh truth is that as the seasons change, so do flowers. Let your garden change with seasons, instead of working against them, and you will achieve that flawlessly groomed look all year long!


4. Be Aware of Your Environment

If you live in a dry climate, don’t try to maintain a garden full of tropical plants. So maybe you won’t get to have that water garden of your dreams, but you can always substitute in creative ways with local greenery. If you chose plants that are appropriate for your area, you’ll see a much healthier, flourishing garden in no time at all.

5. How to Use Colors

You don’t want to overload your flower bed with too many conflicting colors. Instead, try to stick with either warm or cool colors of flowers so you don’t end up with a garden that hurts to look at.

6. Use Rocks for Filler

Just because you have the space, it doesn’t mean you have to cram another plant in there. A good way to clean up your garden space is to use some rocks between plants and next the grass, keeping everything looking in place and not out of control.


7. A Little Light Goes a Long Way

You’ll want your garden looking just as good at night as it does during the day. Get creative with ways to illuminate your gorgeous greenery! String lights and in-ground accent lamps are always a good place to start.


8. Have a Place to Enjoy Your Hard Work!

The biggest mistake people make with their gardens is not having an area devoted for you to relax and admire your own hard work. You want your garden to look not only perfect, but also loved and appreciated. Give yourself a little area where you can read a book and sip some coffee. You deserve it.

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