Couch cushions can get dirty. Here are 6 wonderful ways to clean them

Your couch is the centerpiece of your living room. It is a place to relax and rest after a long day. After a while, most couches begin to look a little shabby. Snacks, children and pets can all leave their marks on your couch.
You can easily take your couch from dingy to looking brand new by using a few helpful cleaning techniques. These 13 ways to clean your couch are amazingly quick and easy.
1. Simply clean your fabric
Traditional fabric couches are the easiest to clean. The fabrics are usually hardy upholstery fabrics designed for longevity and cleaning. You can easily clean your fabric couch using the Real Simple 15 minute couch cleaning process.
Start with 5 minutes of thorough vacuuming to remove dust, dander, crumbs and hair from your couch. Use your vacuum’s specialty attachments to reach all the nooks and crannies. Remember, dirt wears out fibers — so removing as much as possible gives your furniture a longer life.
The next 5 minutes is dedicated to using a commercial stain remover to pretreat any obvious stains. Then use your remaining 5 minutes to give your couch a bubble bath using the suds created with dish soap and water. A gentle scrubbing and then wiping with a clean cloth will reveal a nice, clean couch.

2. Make microfiber new again
Microfiber is a soft and comfortable material. A popular option for couches, microfiber is a synthetic material with a suede or leather appearance. It is affordable and surprisingly easy to clean, if you use the proper method.
Most people assume that you can’t clean microfiber because the majority of microfiber couches aren’t water friendly. They are designed to be cleaned using a solvent-only approach. But what exactly is a solvent?
One Good Thing by Jillee recommends using alcohol to clean your microfiber couch. Rubbing alcohol or vodka both clean well without leaving any coloration or scent behind. Simply spray the alcohol onto the microfiber and wipe with a clean cloth. After it dries, use a soft brush or a clean, dry sponge to gently fluff the microfiber.

3. Get rid of stubborn odors
No one wants to lay down on a stinky couch. Pets, children and even adults can create a lot of interesting situations for your couch. It may still appear clean, but deep down it’s a bit smelly.
This tutorial recommends first giving your couch a thorough vacuuming to remove any dust, pet dander or hair. Then sprinkle the cushions liberally with baking soda. Allow to rest for 30 minutes before vacuuming again.
If your cushions smell musty or stale, you may have a humidity or air circulation problem in your living room. Use the baking soda method combined with adequate ventilations to remove musty odors from furniture. If your cushions are removable, take them outside for a bit of fresh air on a nice, sunny day.

4. Polish up your leather couch
Leather couches are generally easier to keep clean. You simply wipe off crumbs and spills. Regular cleaning can keep your leather looking new and well conditioned. My Cleaning Solutions recommends cleaning your leather couch every 5 to 6 months.
Start with a good vacuuming to remove any crumbs from in between cushions. A mixture of white vinegar and water creates a leather cleaning solution that will remove dirt and grime without creating a dulling residue. Gently rub it onto the dirty leather using a soft, white cleaning cloth.
Follow up with a rub down with a clean, dry towel. Moisture is not a friend to leather, so be sure you get all crevices and nooks completely dry.

5. Special treatment for white leather 
A white leather couch often needs a bit more care than other colors of leather. White easily absorbs dirt and can often appear yellow after cleaning. By using a combination of cleaning solutions designed for whitening, you can easily restore your white leather.
H2O Bungalow recommends using a mixture of Oxiclean, Dawn and water for cleaning white leather furniture. She uses a toothbrush to clean stitching and tight areas. While the tutorial recommends using a Magic Eraser on large spaces, you should be extremely careful not to damage the finish of your leather.

6. Clean your leather with just one ingredient
You can use one simple ingredient to clean and condition your leather couch. Coconut oil removes dirt and grime while acting as a light conditioner for thirsty leather. Mom4Real loves this process because it is an all natural cleaning solution.
Simply buff on a light layer of coconut oil with a clean, white cloth. The dirt will just rub off the surface of the leather. After you have cleaned an area, buff gently with another clean, white cloth to remove any excess coconut oil. Working in sections allows the coconut oil to remain on the leather for equal amounts of time.

Giving your couch a good deep cleaning feels great. Your couch looks and smells like a new couch — perfect for snuggling up for an afternoon nap. Share how you keep your living room looking picture perfect with your friends and family on Facebook!

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