5 Cool Things to Know about Weight Watchers FitPoints


5 cool things to know about FitPoints

1. You’ll get a weekly FitPoints goal personalized to you. You can find it on your My Day dashboard.

2. It’s easier than ever to rack up “points” for movement, with the updated formula for FitPoints.

3. Your FitPoints goal is flexible! You can keep the one you get after taking your assessment or set your own goal if you like. Just go to Settings > Activity.

4. You can track FitPoints for hundreds of activities, from dog walking to downward dog, in our FitPoints database; or create your own activity by inputting how long your workout was, and your intensity level (low, medium, or high).

5. You can sync your moves with Fitbit®, Jawbone®, and other activity monitors to your FitPoints tracker online or on the Mobile app.

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