Cool Facts you didn’t know about the new plan



Did you know that :

1.1: 300 calories can translate into lots of different SmartPoints values
1.2: All calories are not equal.
1.3: Our new SmartPoints™ plan is based on the latest in nutritional science, nudging you toward a pattern of healthy eating with more fruits, vegetables and lean protein, and less sugar and saturated fat.
1.4: The goal: great weight loss plus healthier eating habits.
(That’s what’s known as a win-win.)
1.5: See how 300 calories can translate into a wide range of SmartPoints values (and nudge you toward the healthier choice).

1.6: See what we mean? With SmartPoints, it’s about pinpointing healthy choices.
1.7: You can still eat anything you want — it’s your choice! You’re the explorer, we’re the map.

2°: Sugar and saturated fat love to hide in some surprising foods :
– 1 medium chai latte: 18g sugar
– 1 bowl of tomato soup: 10g sugar
– 1 oz of cheese: 6g of sat fat
– 1 croissant: 7g of sat fat
– 1 glass of orange juice: 7g of sugar
2.1: The SmartPoints plan clues you in to hidden sugar and saturated fats without having to look at a food label.
2.2: You’ll be nudged toward healthier choices, which will soon become second nature.
2.3: But if that latte is still what you want? Go for it.
2.4: It’s all a matter of trade-offs — and using your Weekly SmartPoints!

3°: Lean protein is found in chicken, but also in all kinds of foods
3.1: Lean protein is a great way to stretch your SmartPoints Budget.
3.2: It’s also an important nutrient for your body (remember in school when you learned that protein was one of the body’s building blocks? Totally true!) so eat up.
– Beans and lentils: 9g of protein per half cup — SmartPoints : 3
– Non-fat dairy, like unsweetened Greek yogurt: 23g per cup — SmartPoints : 3
– Tofu: 8-10 g per half cup — SmartPoints : 2
– Eggs: 6g for 1 egg — SmartPoints : 2
– Canned tuna: 16 g in a 3 oz can — SmartPoints 1
– Lean pork loin: 23g for 3 oz — SmartPoints : 3
– Flank steak: 106g in 1 steak — SmartPoints : 3

4°: You don’t need to worry about sugar in fruit
4.1: While there IS naturally occurring sugar in fruits (and some veggies), whole fruit is full of vitamins, minerals, and fiber.
4.2: We want you to eat it, so it stays zero!

5° :
When we asked participants in a study on SmartPoints what had changed for them, after 3 months they reported a reduction in food cravings and experienced increases in stamina and flexibility.