Coconut Cream Eggs – Who Can Resist? It’s Every Busy Mom’s Dream Dessert!

A friend of mine invited me to a tiny gathering at her house one weekend. It was a simple party supposedly. She just wanted to catch up with us since work has been eating her schedule lately. She was one of my career-first friends who was still enjoying the single life, or to put it bluntly, she married her work. We rarely saw her unless we schedule a meet up weeks in advance. But, we are proud of her accomplishments because she worked hard for them!

It was supposedly a mini potluck gathering. But since it will be like a tea party, we were all asked to bring desserts and breads. I knew they were expecting me to bring brownies, but for once, I wanted to surprise them.

Fortunately, I found the recipe for this gorgeous Coconut Cream Eggs over at My Incredible Recipes. They are a bite a bit easy to make; and since it’s coconut cream, everyone would go gaga over it. Everyone loves a good coconut recipe!

And I was right! I brought two boxes to the gathering; one for my friend and one for our friends. My friend had to bring out hers because everyone wanted more.

When I made these for my family, I pretty much received the same reactions. So yes, I am telling you now, this is a winner dessert recipe!

To Make this Recipe You’Il Need the following ingredients:


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