How To Clean Your Toilet From Top To Bottom!

Many of you know I like a clean home and I’m always looking for more information on the best way to do it. I have always cleaned my toilet with vinegar but recently while doing research I found out there was a better germ killer and way to clean that I wanted to share.

The magic ingredient is Hydrogen Peroxide and it needs to be no more than 3% which is usually the kind you can pick up at any regular store. Hydrogen Peroxide contains antimicrobial ingredients and is very biodegradable. Put your Hydrogen Peroxide in a squirt bottle.

The first thing you’ll want to do is spray the inside of your toilet with the Hydrogen Peroxide. Make sure to get up under the lip of the toilet.

Pour about 1/2-1 cup into your toilet bowl and let it soak.

Pull off the lid of your tank and pour 1/2-1 cup in there as well.

Cleaning from top to bottom is usually the best order to clean your toilet. You can use paper towels, or if you’d like to be more Eco friendly you can use an old rag that you’ll launder appropriately to disinfect it.


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