How To Clean Velvet Upholstery

Image credit: Ashley Poskin

I don’t buy into the I-can’t-have-nice-things-because-I-have-a-pet hype. This is especially true when it comes to textiles in my home. So when I spotted a gorgeous velvet sofa on Craigslist for a song, I did my research and went for it.

Our sweet, slobbery dog isn’t allowed on furniture (don’t worry, he isn’t neglected —he has a bed in every room and gets ample cuddle time each day) but that doesn’t keep him from the occasional, stealthy snuggle on the sofa when our eyes are averted. So when I spied a few goobery areas on the velvet recently, I knew just how to go about cleaning it.

It’s always important before you clean to first find out what the cleaning code on your piece of furniture is. I purchased my sofa used and was unable to locate the code under any cushions, but after some research found that it was still available for sale online, so I contacted the manufacturer for details. Velvet is most often a code “S” which means it must be treated with cleaning solvents (dry clean only) and will not react well with water (it flattens and damages the fibers, leaving behind a nasty white ring!). Since I’m heartily opposed to bringing harsh chemicals into my home, I tested the lemon juice and baking soda method and was very happy with the end results!

What You Need


  • Baking soda
  • Lemon juice
  • Glass bowl
  • Washcloth or clean rag
  • Vacuum and brush attachment


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