How to Clean Oven Glass (Even When It’s REALLY Dirty)

Is your oven glass dirty? Try this simple and affordable tip for cleaning your oven window without spray chemicals!

Our kitchen looks clean, and it’s hard to hide dirty in a white kitchen.

But, I found a way! I hid it in the oven! The inside of the glass door on our oven was in need of some serious spring cleaning.

ICK! I’m confused as to how the oven glass could even get so dirty, minus that one time we had a sweet potato-marshmallow fire.

The dirty door was super easy to ignore. I only noticed it if we were cooking with guests over. Then all the sudden it was like a giant flashing “CLEAN ME” sign.

Of course, by the time dinner was enjoyed and the company is gone, the oven glass was out of my mind.

I got an email last month from Mr. Clean (not THE actual big bald Mr. Clean, but his people).  I’ll only accept sponsored posts that will bring value to you guys, which generally means brands I’ve reached out to versus the random pitches I receive.  But, I do love Magic Erasers!

When they mentioned OVEN, the bells starting frantically going off in my head. My gosh, could that little eraser fix my disgusting oven door with no spray chemicals?

Spoiler, alert. It works!!!

But PLEASE read the tips below before trying it and thinking it doesn’t work. Using my normal magic eraser process didn’t work for me either.


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