7 Incredible Ways to Clean Glassware You Never Knew

Glassware requires the proper care and cleaning to remain crystal clear. Dishwashers are convenient, but they can cause damage to glass. If you have cloudy glasses, you know exactly how damaging your dishwasher is.
In many cases you can use a few simple techniques to safely remove the cloudy haze from your glassware. However, keep in mind that prevention saves you time and money in the long run. Use these glassware cleaning tips to keep you glasses shining.
1. Wash with caution
Carefully washing your glassware protects it from hazing, breaking, chipping, and scratching. According to this tutorial, you may be able to place durable glassware in the dishwasher, if you use the delicate cycle and skip the heated drying. For hand washing, stick with hot water and a minimum of dish soap.
If your glasses become cloudy despite precautions, there are many different methods available to eliminate the haze. Vinegar, baking soda, and lemon are popular cleaning solutions for cloudy glasses.
2. Remove hard water stains
Decanters, glasses, and vases can all develop hard water stains. This white residue appears only on the inside of the glassware. Elle Décor recommends using a warm vinegar bath to dissolve hard water stains.
You can also use ammonia, dish washing liquid and uncooked white rice to clean oddly shaped or small necked vessels. You follow this recipe, fill the glassware, and then swirl the glassware several times. The rice works as a scrubber for you. ​
3. Use vinegar to get rid of the cloud
That cloudy haze on the outside of your glassware happens in your dishwasher. The combination of drying agents and heat creates a harsh environment. You can reduce it using the Simple and Seasonal method of soaking in water and vinegar.
To prevent new stains from reappearing, the blog recommends using high-quality dishwasher soap, a rinsing agent, and the air dry setting.


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