Citristrip & Saran Wrap to Remove Finishes

This antique coffee table was given to me by my neighbor. When I refinish a piece and want to re-stain the top I either use my sander or use this Citristrip/Saran Wrap trick. I use the CS/SW trick when there are layers and layers of paint or delicate creases & details. The Citristrip gets in the crevices and does the job. The Saran Wrap is Citristrip’s sidekick! It keeps the heat in and makes the Citristrip work more effectively.

My plans were to re-stain the top and paint the bottom white & glaze the details. BUT Oh how plans change when you listen to the piece.

First you lather a good amount of Citristrip to the surface. Get it into the crevasses really well.

I use cheap ol’ Saran Warp.

Making sure I push all the air out and push it into all the nooks & crannies.

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