He Pours Melted Chocolate Into A Bottle. By The End, He’s Created The Perfect Easter Treat

In the video below, learn how to make a unique and creative chocolate gift that’s perfect for holidays like Easter.


YouTuber DaveHax is known for creating informative videos that show various life hacks and nifty tricks. This time, he’s back with a tutorial video titled “Chocolate Easter Egg Surprise.” Using a plastic Coca-Cola bottle, chocolate, and chocolate easter eggs, he creates a delicious edible treat that kids will love.

First, he empties a plastic Coca-Cola bottle and removes the label. Then, he opens a chocolate bar and breaks it down into individual pieces. Next, he melts the pieces of chocolate in a bowl over boiling water. He pours the melted chocolate into the plastic bottle and rotates the bottle so the chocolate covers every side of the interior.

Once it has cooled, he fills the bottle with chocolate eggs. Then, he uses a knife to cut apart the plastic covering. The end result is a chocolate soda bottle shaped Easter egg surprise!

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Source: DaveHax

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