Chicken and Pasta Casserole with Mixed Vegetables – Enjoy This Dish With Good Friends And Family!

A hearty, nutritious, well-rounded meal, this casserole makes an easy weeknight dinner to feed a family.

I thought having a day all to myself would e fun, but it was not even near that feeling. 

I guess it’s really different when you have a family of your own. Everything revolves around them. My husband told me one night that I deserved a “Me time”. So he told me he would take the kids off my hands for a day. He told me to pamper myself, go shopping, have a massage, and have my nails done. I was a bit excited at first. It’s been months since I had a “Me Time” so I agreed. He simply smiled at me and told me to enjoy my day with myself.

I went shopping, but not so much. As a mother (and I know you will agree with me), we always think about budgeting. Other than that, I found myself buying something for my family and not one for myself. My husband was surprised when I went home early. But from the understanding look in his eyes and the way I embraced him and my children when I got home, I think he knew why already.

To make up for the lost time, I made sure to make them a really good dinner. I made chicken penne casserole, which was a favorite. Making that casserole while my family was in the living room was far better than my “Me Time”.


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