Charlie The Dog Shocked All His Family Members When He Did This… Oh My!

These parents wanted to be doubly sure that their baby was safe with their puppy, after watching this you’ll find it hard to believe that many people actually give up their family dog when they have a baby.

Many times, instead of seeing it as a bonus they actually believe it to be a threat or a distraction from the child.

This video is actually rather tear provoking or at least it was for us here in the happiest office, nice tears though or it wouldn’t be a Happiest story now, would it?

The beautiful video shows a bond like no other that I’ve seen, the incredibly gentle ways of the pup ‘charlie’ and the adoring smile from the baby.


Charlie does so much for the little baby and while it was trained for many of these things, the love you can see is all very real.

With the relationship so beautiful, the family decided to put together this video, to pay tribute to their wonderful dog and the stunning bond between the inseparable twosome.

You can watch the video below and we, as ever, would love to know your thoughts in the comment section bellow.

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