What Egg Yolk Color Can Real About The Chicken It Came From

Can You Guess Which Egg Yolk Came From A Healthy Chicken


Is there something more delicious than beautifully cooked eggs? It doesn’t matter how they are cooked, whether they are fried, boiled scrambled or poached, they are absolutely delicious. However, the most important thing for you is to eat eggs from healthy chickens.


So how can we say whether a chicken is healthy or not? A chicken which is in good health eat different sorts of foods every day. This includes meat because that’s the food they also need. They might want to eat different bugs, mice and even snakes.

All the good nutrients from the food they have eaten are transmitted to their eggs. To gain these nutrients, the chicken needs to be allowed to move free, out on a fresh air.

Chickens which are locked in small hatches for their entire life do not receive the vitamins and minerals they really need and their eggs are not on the same quality level as the eggs of the free-range chickens.

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