She Dumps Fancy Jewelry On A Yoga Mat, Then Rolls It Up To Reveal A Genius Home Safety Hack

There’s nothing a parent worries about more than keeping their children safe, especially when it comes to being in their own home.

Thanks to some genius tips from the officer in the video below, one stay-at-home mom is feeling a lot more at ease in her house.

After just two weeks of moving to what they thought was a safer neighborhood, Heather and her family were shocked to find that the area was experiencing a string of break-ins.

She was shocked again when Officer Andrea Penoyer stopped by and revealed just how vulnerable their home was. The policewoman from Broward County, Florida, immediately noticed several common safety mistakes.

I have to admit, I’ve made more than a few of the same burglar-friendly blunders with my home. Luckily, Officer Penoyer explained the super-easy ways to avoid dangerous folks getting through your doors.

My favorite tip: a prickly bush in front of your windows to hurt anyone who might attempt to climb through it uninvited!

Take a look at the video and you might be surprised by how many mistakes you could be making in your own home — and how quickly you can fix them!

Let us know in the comments if Officer Penoyer missed any red flags you know burglars look for in houses they can break into, and don’t forget to SHARE the tips with your loved ones!


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