Women Prefer Their Best Friends More Than Their Husbands, Study Confirms

A multi-ethnic group of adult women are posing together. They are in a health center, and they are wearing sports clothing. The friends are all smiling and laughing together.

On the popular TV show “Grey’s Anatomy,” Meredith Grey once said to Christina Yang, “Derek is the love of my life, but you’re my soulmate.”

It’s a sentiment that many of us can probably relate to – our friends, when they’re real friends, are some of the best people to have in our lives. And recently, a study has confirmed that most women prefer the company of their friends over that of their romantic partners.

The survey was conducted by the healthcare company and spa Champneys, which specifically looked into why most of their sold-out packages were for ladies only. And it seems that it has to do with the friendship element. Many of the women say they prefer the company of their friends because they’re less annoying than a significant other.

These findings, according to Champneys, challenge the notion that soulmates need to specifically be a romantic partner. Out of the 1,517 women who participated in the survey, over 50% of them said they’d prefer to spend time with their friends than their partner.



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