Beauty Queen Mistakes Volleyball Injury For Rare Illness

Jillian Williams was in the midst of enjoying a very charmed existence and she had a life that most 20 year old women can only begin to dream of. She competed in several Miss Teen USA pageants and her long and lithe figure allowed her to enjoy a great deal of positive attention.

In addition to her accomplishments in this realm, she also became a college volleyball star. However, her life would soon change in a way that most of us would never think possible. Doctors found a cyst on her left femur back in 2016 and she was eventually diagnosed with a rare type of bone cancer known as Ewing’s sarcoma.

Jillian decided that she was not going to let cancer ruin her life or rob her of her vibrancy. While she was forced to shave off her colorful hair during chemotherapy, she maintained her same level of beauty and charisma. The cyst still loomed over her like a dark cloud, though, and she was left with a tough decision.

While she had the chance to simply to remove the cyst and keep all of her limbs, this meant that the cancer could possibly return later. To minimize the chances of experiencing any sort of relapse, she opted for a rotational surgery that would take out the middle portion of her leg.

The results of this procedure have to be seen in order to be truly believed, as her brand new knee is able to be placed inside of a prosthetic leg that allows her to enjoy all of the same activities that she once did…..yes, even volleyball.

Jillian’s whole life has changed, but her sparking personality has not. She is a shining example of just how easy it can be to maintain a fun and friendly demeanor, even in the face of horrific news. Her story is a major inspiration to us all and this video below is well worth a look.