Aloe Vera Is So Beneficial, You Do Not Have to Spend Money on Chemicals and Medicines Anymore

Aloe vera can be easily grown in your home and it just needs water and fertilization. The benefits are a lot and this plant is also considered a medicine. Get one leaf, open it and this is the medicinal gel.

A lot of health stores have this gel, but it is loaded with chemicals too and it costs a lot. The natural is better, healthier and cheaper! Get more leaves to get more gel!

The 9 benefits of the gel for topical use:

  1. Less eczema and acne
  2. Soothed burns
  3. Calmed boils and rash
  4. No bug bites rash
  5. Moisturized skin
  6. Less wrinkles
  7. Healed wounds
  8. Conditioned hair
  9. As shaving gel

9 benefits of the gel for oral use:

  1. Boosted immunity
  2. Stable blood sugar
  3. Less constipation/bloating/IBS/colitis and upset belly
  4. Less indigestion and heartburn
  5. Healthier gums
  6. Healthy heart and good blood flow
  7. Less inflammation from arthritis
  8. Healthy urinary tract
  9. Boosted white cells in blood

Also this plant originates from North America and its first medicinal uses were in ancient Egypt, this was written in ebers papyrus and they mentioned even 12 recipes for the aloe. Ever since, this plant got more and more famous worldwide for internal, topical and any other kind of use.

No more chemicals and  toxins and spending more money, grow these leaves at home and get all the aloe benefits.

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