After This Video, You’ll Never Pour Cooked Pasta Through A Colander Again

Pasta is a classic. Whether spaghetti, penne or ravioli, few homes go more than a week without a pasta dish. According to the International Pasta Organisation, over 13 million tons of pasta are produced every year around the world. As you might guess, Italy ranks highest in pasta production and consumption per capita, but the United States is second in production at 2 million tons, and highest overall consumption at 2.7 million tons. That amounts to 63 servings of pasta a year per person.

With so much pasta being eaten, shouldn’t we know how to cook it right? I’ve been taught so many tips on how to make pasta to have the right texture, but this video debunks them all. Now I finally know the secret behind that perfect restaurant quality texture and flavor that I just haven’t been able to capture. I can’t wait to try this for dinner tonight.
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Source: Youtube/Chowhound