After Baby Arrives Mom Goes Into Labor Again. Then Doctors Begin Pulling Out More

Angie and her husband, Gino, had two young boys at home when they decided to try to get pregnant again.

 The couple really wanted to have a baby girl this time. You know they say to be careful what you wish for – right?! Angie and Gino were not having one baby girl – they were having triplets! Carrying multiple babies isn’t without issues, Baby Daniella is fraternal, and Camilla and Anabella were identical and shared one placenta.

The couple was warned one of the babies may not grow properly. When Angie was 27 weeks pregnant, she was admitted to the hospital. At the 3:54 mark in the video, Angie is about to give birth. If you have never seen babies be born, prepare yourself! The video shows Angie’s C-section and is a very personal look into the process. Grab a tissue for the moment when Angie meets her baby girls for the first time.


Take a look at this video!

This was incredible, wasn’t it? I bet you weren’t expecting it!

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