After 11 Years Of Marriage, Keith Urban Comes Forward With Truth We’ve All Been Suspecting

After 11 years of marriage even the strongest couples can lose sight of what makes their connection so perfect. Fortunately for Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, their relationship is still as solid as ever!

That’s why Keith’s anniversary shout out is gaining attention online and melting all of our hearts!

While not all days are sunshine and rainbows, Nicole told that their marriage is built on a foundation of love and respect!

“Keith and I always say that we are just so lucky to have each other. In this world, to be able to come back to that love and that strength is so nourishing and powerful.

And I am coming up an eleven year wedding anniversary, twelve years together, and that’s a big thing. And that is through absolute commitment and kindness, the desire to protect and help each other. That’s what our relationship is.”

As Hollywood A-listers this concept of an unbreakable relationship is rare and they strive to put their marriage first every day.

Facebook/Keith Urban

So when Keith took to Instagram to wish his beautiful bride a happy anniversary, media outlets immediately took notice!

“Happy Anniversary Babygirl.

Eleven years and you still feel like my girlfriend!!!”

Even after more than decade together, Keith and Nicole flirt like teenagers and take goofy selfies together. They’re just so darn adorable!

Facebook/Keith Urban

Listen to Nicole speak about supporting her husband through thick and thin here!

What do you think about Keith’s heartfelt anniversary message to his wife? Share your thoughts (and concerns) in the Facebook comments section!

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