The human body continuously faces attacks from external invaders that may cause infection and also disease. These invaders vary from living microbes like bacteria, parasites, fungi and viruses, to nonliving chemicals, toxins and drugs.

 Our bodies represent a complex of many biological cycles that are in most cases very hard to understand. One kind of that complex is the body’s defense mechanism.  Luckily, the body has many external and internal defends that protects us from harm thru all day and which prevent dangerous invaders. The physical barriers that keep them at bay usually are referred as the body’s primary line of defense.

These are nine strange things your body is doing and you don’t even recognize that they are ranked among those defense mechanisms.


The yawning main purpose is to cooling down the brain after it is been inflamed or overloaded.


Ordinarily, we are sneezing when our nasal passages seal up with too much microbes, allergens, dust or further irritants. Sneezing is the way in what the body is getting rid of this “waste.”


Stretching is restoring blood flow, improves our mood and at the same time is working on our muscles. We are impulsively stretching in order to get ready for the physical loads that are expecting us during the day.


Our pneumogastric nerves come to be annoyed when we swallow big pieces of food, overeat or eat quickly, which is connected with our diaphragm and stomach. The result: attack of hiccups.


Everyone, at least one time in his life has this strange feeling: lying down for a sleep, and when you start to float off, your body is pushed for a second by something that seems like electric shock. In this very same moment, your muscles spasms are so strong that you may almost fall out of the bed. You wake up immediately.

This marvel is a result of the fact that when you start to fall asleep, the rate of your breathing speedily falls, at the same time as your pulse is slowing down and your muscles are relaxing. Astonishingly, your brain infers these changes as signaling death. So it quickly tries to save you giving you a shock.


The wrinkles that periodically appear your hands and fingers play very important role. This sensation is triggered by the fact that when your body comes across an amplified quantity of moisture, recognizes that the environment may be slippery. So actually the skin of our hands straightway begins to change making it easier for us to hold smooth surfaces.


Loss of memory every so often happens after the existence of unpleasant experience. Our brains plainly delete the terrible moments out of our memories.


Goosebumps are reducing the amount of heat that our body loses through the pores of our skin, which makes it easier for us to warm ourselves in unwelcoming climatic conditions.


Tears are an instrument of emotional defense. Many scientists believe that in traumatic situations the body creates powerful source of irritation in order to sidetrack a person from the pain that is experiencing at the same time.

These above are just little of the reasons why we must be very thankful to our bodies, because the same is constantly working to defend us every day.

Hark back to relaxing — your body is getting everything protected.

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