9 Surprising Uses for Vodka that Will Blow Your Mind!

Vodka: it’s not just your weekend go-to. Did you know that this versatile booze is also a cure-all of sorts? On top of giving you a nice buzz, it can also leave you with streak-free windows and the crunchiest fried chicken you’ve ever tasted. If you have only been using the stuff in your favorite cocktails, then you really have been missing out!

Here are some of the unexpected things that vodka can do…

  1. It gets foul odors out of towels

    laundry 2Sean McGrath via Flickr

    As we move into a humid summer, you might be noticing that your towels are smelling less than pristine. To combat this, simply add 1/3 cup of vodka into your washing machine along with your preferred detergent. After the tub fills up, let the towels soak for an hour, then re-start the machine. It doesn’t get easier than that!

  2. It keeps fresh-cut flowers beautiful for longer

    flowersLingostal via Flickr

    Did you know that vodka has antibacterial properties? It IS alcohol after all! Because of this, adding a very small amount of the spirit (about one teaspoon per liter of water) will actually kill bacteria that builds up around the vase and on the stems. The easiest way to keep those roses from wilting too soon!

  3. It soothes poison ivy reactions

    PoisonIvyforListHeaderlightscribe via Deposit Photos

    There’s nothing worse than having your nice hike in the woods ruined by some nasty poison ivy. If this happens to you, act quick and pour some vodka on the reaction as soon as possible. By doing this, you can target the effect so that you might just have a fighting chance against those itchy welts and lesions.

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